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In The Closet

This article on spare bedroom storage and closet space i s quiet an informative one.

In my opinion and experience, its always best to work with a professional as much as possible, otherwise things can turn out to be quiet costly or even worse ineffective.

I always start with a complete plan and more than one option for the space, and then work out the best possible solution for the client, keeping in mind both the budget and most importantly the planned colour story or theme for the room.

I use these above steps in every process for my clients, I find that it minimises the room for issues and problems.

Thanks again for a great read and some good tips for everyone out there, it was great

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Klelia Nikolakaki
bedroom storage
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So many of those ideas for the guest room are very nice to look at but think of when the guests leave and you have to make those beds that are against the wall or have built in shelves/storage right against the head of the bed. No!

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