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Birdblack Design

Hi @Joan Gorham. Sheer curtains will be a beautiful addition to your home. I live in Wollongong which is quite a distance from Melbourne and all of my suppliers are local. My best suggestion would be to search for a pro in your local area. I did a quick look then 'Shutters, Blinds & Curtains' in the Melbourne area and a number of companies came up. It would then be a matter of giving them a call to see if they do sheer curtains- most will. All the best with it.

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What did anyone else think of the caesarstone concetto range? I love their supernaturals, but I really really dislike the concetto - it just screams tasteless and overdone, to me... And if I had to use my kitchen while I had the flu, that agate counter would make me puke for sure! All the mould and baby-sick colours in it... yuk.

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Agree about the agate counter 100% I looked at the photo and my mouth said: "Looks like a skin disease!" All too much especially in such a normal-looking house, Ok I suppose if you lived in a shiek's palace.

How to make your house look more expensive? My take on that is keep to the style of the house...if its a vintage place keep to the same era with the renos and decorating in lighting, panelling, bathroom fittings, wall tiles or panelling, replica floor coverings etc. My house was builr in the 1900s...its just a worker's cottage but really authentic. I've sourced all 1900s reproductions. Everyone who sees it for the first time says.."character". My neighbour told me an Agent remarked to her that I have the most genuine and desirable house in the area....yet its not luxurious...just 'real'. My take on making a house look more expensive is keeping it looking bits and biobs that are out of character, then accentuate in pressed metal around the bath...a long porcelain plunge bath as in the days of yore....That's me. Other Houzzers might have more recently built homes...some of which do not have much original one-off "character"...Then I'd go for sheer curtains, plush carpets, tasteful light fittings...In a......mmm... more modern/nondescript house you can practically turn it into whatever you like if you stay with one style and don't mix it up. matter what house I had, I definitely would not have that agate wash basin or the kitchen benchtop, and certainly not the black and gold bathroom much as I like that sort of thing,to me it looks out of place there in such a small space....mind you, I don't mind the odd surprise in any house...that one area that's a bit "off the wall" to satisfy my artistic bent. At the present moment that's a mural...(meaning painted directly on the wall) in my toilet room, done in glossy silvered transparent glass paint and enamel....due for a change though.

One thing I would definitely DO if I were renovating and decorating and going for a "more expensive look" would be....a larger than usual toilet room/ powder room, call it whatever, with its own mirror and srylish basin and an exhaust fan, make it luxurious in moderation. A toilet in its own room...not even near the bathroom is a luxury on its own. I really do not understand these large modern builds having either a vanity cabinet or a toilet suite crammed next to the end of a bathtub...its my pet hate and would be the first thing I would change....and I'd buy the best toilet suite made of vitreous china and have an electric bidet that squirts warm water then blow dries......hate toilet paper hanging on the wall in full view. Haven't found a luxurious toilet paper hanger anywhere.


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