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Jo M

love the courtyards and the embracing of a small house. But, it does look too raw and unfinished to me.

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What a shame this reno was not completed . When are some people going to realise that a half finished mish mash of wall finishes DOES NOT look good.

Experience tells me that old brick walls with lime mortar MUST be sealed and even if all that old hard plaster is sound ( not constantly delaminating ) in must be a bugger to keep clean with all those jagged edges !

Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a cost effective reno ...........?

All that said, I do very much like the concept, space utilisation and the way light has been introduced naturally.

I do think that the writer should not allow himself/herself to become intoxicated on the exuberance of his/her own verbosity.

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Jo Freeman

I have a tiny terrace that is very dark it's a bit bigger than this one. What was the budget on this place for the renovation?


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