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With footprint for a tank a problem, I once considered bags that I could install under the back deck - I'm not knocking the deck down to install a tank!

Does anyone have any information on large volume water storage bags? They are used in the military to store fuel; I am aware they are used to store avgas to service aircraft using temporary airstrips. Are they used for water? What materials are non-perishable? What are the specs for safe installation - I am on a sloping block and would need to get a shelf cut into the ground (on hands and knees!!). Does the dead weight make them stable, or would I need some kind of a (low) retaining wall?

Or is there a tank - or tanks - that might work in a space about 750mm high?

Advice appreciated.

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We're lucky to live where we do, there's no industry or heavy traffic within a hundred km and a fresh seabreeze most days clears the air. We harvest our rainwater from the shed roof which is then plumbed via gravity to my kitchen where I have a dedicated drinking/cooking tap (the scheme water tastes disgusting and is used only for cleaning). The rain water is sweet, clear, clean, delightful. We go months without rain here (summer) so disconnect the pipes before the first rains come and clean off the shed roof and gutters.

I was really interested with the Hydrowall concept, would love to talk to anyone using it: 

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Here's an upside to having a rainwater tank! These guys are Brilliant to deal with, just book your tank cleaning online here at


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