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Innovatronix Incorporated

There is an advantage in using woodplates in your kitchen.

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Tam O

Help, I need some advice. We are remodeling a rental unit with a U shaped kitchen. there is only 1 exterior wall with a window, so obviously that is where we want the sink, it is not in the budget to move the window ( old brick house, etc ) and the window is 16" from the wall and only 34 inches wide. Currently the sink is offset from the window to allow a 24" deep cabinet on that wall ( which contains the stove)

We would like the sink to be centered with the window but that would mean part of the sink would be "in the corner" and you could only stand in front of part of it. Is that ok? Or do you just leave the sink offset ?

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Tam O, if the only other option is to put it in a corner, I’d leave the sink offset. Functionality is very important in the kitchen, plus I think a sink in the corner would look more odd than one offset from the window.


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