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Wendy Shay

Any chance you know where the light is from in the "asymmetry" photo?

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Loved the article and really enjoyed all of the comments!

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Kristin Schrader

Just found this article so I’m late to the party. I appreciate how in-depth the author of this article has gone. I found it very interesting to contemplate the sense of irritation or unease I felt while looking at certain examples of asymmetry! And yet, other asymmetrical arrangements were so pleasing to my eye that I found I wanted to sit with it a bit until I had a sense of why I liked it better that way.
I will say that cleaning considerations, practical use, and safety scenarios always come to mind each time I examine photos on Houzz. So, my love of design is always impacted by the thought of dust or someone tripping into a stunning yet extremely hot metal fireplace tube. (Haha and oh no!)
Thank you for the lessons in how to understand and interact with negative space. How I wish this MCM lover trapped in a Victorian shell could edit Edit EDIT!

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