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Jaya Jaya

Yes, it's nice to know the old ways haven't been forgotten - people have too much money and leisure time to agonize over something as shallow as looks.

Having said that, I flatter myself I got the best of both worlds. The builders thought I was insane, and then started to see the wisdom of it... luckily I was having steel frame, and so I could literally do what I liked without paying much more, as every frame is individually engineered, anyway.

Interestingly, a lady from WA told me that her council make you put windows in the walls or transoms above the doors.

I also wanted the light from the rooms on the outer walls to travel through to the kitchen, which would have been a dark hole, else.

My husband literally gave me carte blanche, and said "You know what to do, do it". I'll always appreciate that moment! So I designed a sensible house instead of these madman's ravings that most builders want you to have.

Best of all I did a LARGE laundry, where I can WORK, instead of a priest's hole where one dropped sock is a disaster. 3m x 5.5m. Yay!

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Lady rob 1 I would suggest your small interior room was designed for cyclone safety

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We have our pantry (not walk in) one end of the kitchen and the fridge at the other, and we don't have an issue. Ours are 3.5+m apart, and are equi distant from the cooktop and the sink. I think not having a second sink is far more of a problem.
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