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The packaging - what an interesting observation! Guilty as charged, I'm sorry to say! My old imac box I kept for partly practical reasons, because from time to time I had to take the computer to the service shop for upgrades and the original box was a good safe way to transport it.

But I also have kept other packaging that didn't serve any such purpose. I don't think it's necessarily a status thing. I think it's to do with how beautiful the design of these things are - they are designed to thrill and satisfy when opening them for the first time, and to get that effect they must be exquisite to the eye and the touch, and maybe to the ear, too. And they must feel like quality, so they are actually very well made. I think a lot of us don't want to 'waste' something of such beauty and quality - we see and feel its inherent value.

There's an interesting dynamic to explore in there, how we love to acquire but we hate to waste.

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I decided that I would start a little free library with all my precious books that I only read once to reduce my book haul. I now have more books than before because it is so popular that there is not enough space in the library with other people’s swaps too!

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The Kitchen Design Centre

Great story Amy! You really hit the nail on the head.
Time to go home and throw some stuff out!

Thanks for using our image for your article too. A drawer is a great way to put a limit on how many mugs you own. Once you run out of space, you can't have any more! :)


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