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Glen King

My sink and plumbing are brand new, with no insinkerator or fancy stuff, so I don’t anticipate leakage down there anytime soon. Hence my choice: wood drawers. One holds a pair of garbage pails, the other holds all cleaning products. I built the drawers myself, so they are perfectly sized for the application.

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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

What's great about this under sink solution is that it uses the nooks that most people think are unusable! Any time you plan to store wet/damp items, stainless steel wire is a "must have", it's by far the most durable. Here's a link to to more under sink storage solutions.

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Venka Adelaide

My parents sink is leaking but they needed a few more months before the renovation. I put a car drip tray under the drains, genius!


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