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Here's our outdoor oasis!
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# 9 Montana
I see that beautiful view and I want to rearrange the furniture
to take advantage of it.
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Not one single photo showed something comfortable enough for me to sit on a porch. Who sits upright, unless they are talking with guests? I am always lounging... either lying on a sofa, or on a chair with an ottoman (chair has to be the right angle, not straight up), or on a chaise longue. Some of these "could" be made comfortable, ie add a big pillow on the end of a sofa, as long as the arm is tall enough to hold it in place. Move the ottomans to make the chair into a chaise. I just don't understand why photos are always staged to look perfect instead of reflect how people actually live? (Not to say everyone is like me, but certainly I'm not the only one that needs to be comfortable.)


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