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Jean-Robert Strele
Great thoughts all around. making copious notes as we plan our "forever" ho!e. One additional thought on the switch height, which we had in our home in Brussels: The switches were at 600mm height. You could basically hit them with your hand hanging by your side and hit them with your knee, if you had your hands full of groceries. Maybe not necessarily a maneuver for an elderly person, but great until you get there and evermore reachable as you get older or in a wheelchair. First/closest switch always lights the way.
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@Jean-Robert Strele.

I am building our "forever" home too and I decided to have hard wired night lights throughout my home, not too many but just a few in prominant locations like inside the front door, passage, bathroom that with the flick of one dual switch at opposite ends of the home, they are on, which will create just enough of a glow at night as to not be in total darkness whether it's arriving home after dark or getting up at night when all the other lights are turned off.

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Hunt Heating

Hi Kate,

Should you require any further information on Hydronic Heating then please do not hesitate to contact us. As Australias largest supplier of hydronic heating, we would be happy to answer any questions that may assist with ongoing articles on hydronic heating.


Sophie Okill


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