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I live in Melbourne Australia and am in the process of downsizing from a 60 square house to something about a third of the size, it has minimal land around the house and your ideas have helped me a lot. I was starting to become very confused as to what to do.

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Annie Cass Landscapes

Kerrie, Puya are a South American desert brom with silver leaves and incredible blue flowers that just love the sun. With cannas, cut back each stem as soon as it's over flowering, and your rust problems should be over.

Otherwise, could I just say be a bit careful with Dietes? They need the flowering stems removed as soon as the flowers are finished to prevent the plant looking scrappy and to obviate epic self-seeding. It's a mission to evict them if they outgrow their designated site, too.

Dy lilies benefit from being cut to the ground in May or June, or any time they're looking ragged. Just feed them afterwards.

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Wow, just fell in love with that Ceanothus! Everything I'm reading tells me it's a shrub; how would one grow it as a feature standard as shown here??

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