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Castlemaine Renos

Some beautiful reclaimed messmate wood floating shelves in my lounge room. It's been a joy to curate them with op shop finds, travel momentoes and some greenery.

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I live in dusty South Africa, open shelves are out, cupboards with glass doors are the answer, we have to dust open shelves daily, no thank you.
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Susan McMahon

I have just made a study nook in a small, almost unusable corner in my living room. I'm updating a mid-century house on a limited budget, so I sourced some great open shelving (free) from a friend who is renovating her flood-damaged house and had pulled them out. They look very right in this house. The shelving is solid Tas oak and way too good to throw out, so I was happy to clean it up and give it a new home. I made the computer table and found a sweet bentwood chair, for which I made a cushion.

Love my little nook - the shelves might be a bit crowded, but this is stuff I use daily.....metronome and music dictionary; English usage tomes; sketchbooks and drawing materials; some of my artwork and a few other precious things. I like the idea in the article to paint the back of the shelves: I might do that with these - could look really good with the right colour. This is no longer an unused corner and it cost me almost nothing except time!


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