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So many of the things you see in bathrooms these days are not practical. Returning to free standing sinks with exposed pipes and no storage is pointless, or furniture pieces converted into vanities may be pretty but will not hold up well in a bathroom (and you are destroying quality furniture pieces in the making), mini tiles with lots of grout area to try and keep clean, pictures/art work that will be damaged from moisture, large open showers and small glass bowl sinks that will splash water everywhere, etc. Need I go on. Bathrooms take a lot of use and although you want them to be pretty they must be functional and easy to clean....haven't designers seen those commercials with women committed permanently to trying to clean their bathrooms? Found "By Any Design Ltd." comment about floating vanities falling interesting as often wondered about the weight factor of those (and the toilets), plus the open space under them that requires cleaning. We need to return to practicality in bathroom design (unless of course your house comes with a maid).

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Number 1 washstand -- I grew up with something similar but smaller in a 1950's ranch house and would not go with that ever again, but this particular one at least has space on the sides to put stuff and would be easy to clean underneath. What really struck me about this bathroom was the idea that if we had this, our lab/husky mix dog would no doubt sleep under the sink and I'd have to have a rug under there for her! Our master bath door swings shut by itself and she goes in there all the time and then can't get back out (spent part of last night there, actually). She waits patiently and quietly for one of us to finally notice she's missing and then happily trots out wagging her tail when we open the door for her. Gives new meaning to the term "rescue dog" -- we have to rescue her all the time! LOL

The "perch on a plinth" sink is anything but a "light and airy feast" to me -- I thought it looked kind of monolithic and massive.

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@lyvia This is a custom vanity space that we built for my husband out of reclaimed oak flooring from our foyer. The top of the vanity is a little over 37 in and with the sink, approximately 40 in. He absolutely loves it.

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