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Alice Edwards
Ok, designing a guest house for my mom to come be with us. She has navigated by food and cooking all of her life. She is 81 and still loves to cook. Sorry about the long intro. Trying to find a unique countertop material for her kitchen and copper came to mind. Read earlier article about denting and such. Is copper really easy to damage? What are more thoughts and comments, please.
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Copper is a soft material. It is easily scratched and dented. My builder told me about a multi million dollar home in which he was called in to fix a leak. It turned out to be major because the original builder put up a copper ridge vent. Rains and perhaps some hail dented the copper ridge and since there was no protection underneath, it created a small hole and water leaked inside the walls of a two story house. The entire atrium wall would needed to be replaced plus part of the wood structure on top of the house, the ridge vent, insulation and had to redo the upper part before replacing the ridge vent. The problem was shoring up the two story atrium while the atrium wall was removed along with the rotten and molded timber underneath. My builder refused the job because he could not guarantee the structure to stay sound.

If you use copper in an area that is prone to heavy use such as a counter top, do expect denting. Copper is best used as trim, backsplash, range hood or other areas that are not used. If you use copper as a backsplash, make sure there is a sturdy backing so when someone cleans it, they don't scrub so hard as to push it into a hollow area between studs. Pots have a thick heavy copper base, but you can dent in the pots if you don't take care. If you search for vintage copper pots, you'll see many of them dented and scratched. The best copper pots are generally made with tine, stainless steel and/or nickel singly or in combination in order to "harden" the copper base on the outside. That makes it a bit more durable. However, nickel can be reactive and tin can be unstable at certain temperatures.

As for unique countertop, try one of the hardest/dense woods such as mesquite or Brazilian Olivewood or Brazilian Ebony or Brazilian Walnut. These are some of the highest dense, heavy woods according to the Janka scale.

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CMT Custom Construction Bespoke Built

This is the first copper splashback I have made and fitted. I was tentative regarding the process but after walking through it and seeing the end results I'm happy with the amazing feature it is in this kitchen and look forward to seeing it age beautifully.


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