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Lauren Watson
Our house was built in 1979 and is freezing in winter and boiling in summer. Will double glazing make a difference if the walls are not insulated like modern homes?
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Mark Davis Design

That's too hard to answer on line Lauren. I suggest you get a builder, building designer or architect that specialises in energy efficient buildings to come & check it all out. As an example, I have a thermal imaging camera I use to see where a home is leaking. Your place is probably leaking all over, & there may be any number of things you need to improve before the cost of new windows is going to be viable.

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Has anyone had issues with reflection in the Low E glass. I have comfort plus on my windows and it drives me crazy. To the point I can sit on the lounge and see clearly what is happening in the kitchen behind me. I am building a new house on a rural property and need efficient glazing as we will be off grid, but want to look out at the view not a reflection of what is in the house.


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