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Kylo Rod
I think trying to bring the outside in or the inside out brings very unique challenges for an area in which most folks do not use often.

I could understand creating that spa-like feel, get-away oasis, but it would not justify the added expense if this section of space will be used for less than 5%-10% of the time. The illustrated photo (photo 10) seems to add just the right balance where it shows a "green house" wall with plants plus it won't affect one's privacy.

Again, it is finding that difficult balance between privacy and intimacy & the outside world that will bring unique challenges. And as one pointed out, not everyone sits on 10 acres of property.
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Marie W
I'm not usually a fan of peel-and-stick anything, but I've used an adhesive free plastic film that looks like rice paper and it turned out nice for my rental (on the bottom half of a sash window) and as a temporary solution in our guest bath which won't be remodeled for several years.
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Lily Laceby

My ensuite window's view while I'm sitting in my freestanding bath (please excuse my feet, this photo wasn't taken intending for Houzz). All looked so serene until I stand up and see all my neighours' houses. Considering putting up frosted film on lower half of the windows but it will lose a lot of sky when down here. Already have sheer blinds but it's still too see-through at night time. :(

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