Lucerne contemporary-bathroom
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Lucerne Contemporary Bathroom, Auckland

Emily Andrews
This is an example of a contemporary bathroom in Auckland. — Houzz

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Jenny Drew added this to From the Pros: 8 Design Habits of a Successful Architect
4. Simplify“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak,” said painter Hans Hofmann. Too often we let complexity act as a proxy for interest. Architects are schooled in editing down to the essential components. If it doesn’t have a function, its necessity should be questioned.Here are just a few areas where simplifying can make the design stronger:Simple shapes: They usually cost less, are easier to build and look beautiful unadorned.A simple material palette: two or three materials at most. Devise rules for how each will be used. By varying one material’s finish – from smooth to rough –you can achieve variety without complexity.Simple trim (or none)Simple windows: Choose two window sizes – one for large openings, one for small ones.Leave connections between materials exposed and expressive. Concealed joints are usually costly and time intensive to execute.
Pearson + Projects added this to Should I...? 6 Basic Bathroom Renovation Questions Answered
3. Should I tile?Tiling does look stunning in the bathroom, but it comes with a price tag attached. While tiles range in price and quality and can be found at affordable prices, the key reason for the cost is the additional trades involved. Waterproofers, tilers, builders to level out the floors and potentially install under-floor heating, may all be required to complete this. If this isn’t an option, there are some great vinyl flooring alternatives that you can use instead, just make sure they are suitable for wet areas. And walls are similar; consider an acrylic liner rather than tile, an affordable option that is far less labour intensive.Browse bathroom tiles

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Palmer Giesen Interiors added this to Pebble Beach
maybe put granite only on back wall of each shower!
Palmer Giesen Interiors added this to master bath
maybe just put granite on the back walls of each shower! added this to Wish List
the back wall imaginative vs picturesque . and
alster - added this to Inspo
Kostnad: Självhäftande designfolie i marmor, 100 kr från Bauhaus
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4. シンプルにする「簡素化というのは、不要なものを削り、必要なものの言葉が聞こえるようにすることだ」とは、画家のハンス・ホフマンの言葉である。私たちは往々にして複雑さと面白さを混同して用いてしまいがちだが、必要最小限の要素にそぎ落とすのも、建築家の学ぶ技術である。機能を持たないものは、その必要性を疑ってみるべきだ。簡素化することでデザインが改善する可能性がある部分として、以下にいくつか例を挙げる。シンプルなフォルムにすると、作るのが容易で、装飾を施さないままでも美しいし、費用が抑えられる。使う素材の数を抑える。多くても2~3種類の素材に絞り、それぞれの素材がどのように使われるべきかルールを作る。ひとつの素材でも、なめらかな表面からラフな仕上げまで変化をつけることで、複雑化することなくさまざまな効果が演出できる。シンプルなモールディングを使う(またはモールディングを使わない)。シンプルな窓にする。窓の大きさは大小2種類だけに限定し、サイズを統一。素材と素材の接合部分は、そのまま見せて表現の一部にする。継ぎ目を隠せば、費用も時間もかかる場合が多い。こちらもあわせてシンプルさの力

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