[Australia Only] FAQs for Online Payments

Here are frequently asked questions regarding your experience and your client's experience with Houzz Pro Online Payments.

1. Can my bank accept online payments?

Almost every bank accepts Online Payments, including major banks such as Westpac, Commbank, ANZ, and regional banks and credit unions.

2. I accidentally entered the wrong bank details or need to update my bank details. How do I make changes?

You can contact Houzz Pro Support to update your bank details.

3. How can my client pay with Online Payments?

If you have Online Payments enabled, your client will be able to pay online with Houzz Pro when you send them an estimate, proposal or invoice.

On the document you send, they will see their payment schedule details near the bottom of the page. To pay, they can either click the Pay Now button for a scheduled payment, or they can directly input payment details on the right side of their screen. Clients can choose to pay either by ACH/bank transfer or by credit card.

The designated payment schedule is based on how you set up payments and is fully customisable. If you have set up multiple payments with different due dates, your client will have to make the first payment or deposit before making other payments.

Read Scheduled Payments on Estimates or Scheduled Payments on Proposals to learn more about payment schedules.

4. How can I pay on behalf of my client?

To pay on behalf of your client, click the Pay Online button — you can either select Pay Online from the Actions dropdown, or select Pay Online from the payments section of the document.

A new screen will appear where you can select the payment and whether you want to pay by ACH/bank transfer or credit card.

Please Note: In order to pay on behalf of your client on an invoice, it must be issued, but estimates and proposals can be in any status.

5. Will my client get a receipt after paying online?

Yes, your client will receive a receipt via email once the payment is processed. This will usually occur right after the payment is made, but occasionally takes longer if the payment processing takes longer.

6. How will Online Payments show up in my client’s bank account?

Your client’s Online Payments will be labeled as your business name — exactly the way you entered it during the verification process. In rare cases, some banks parse transactional texts, so your business name may appear duplicated.

7. How should you speak about Online Payments with your client?

Online Payments provides your clients with a convenient payment solution. Homeowners have the flexibility to pay their invoices anywhere using the payment method that works best for them — a bank transfer (ACH) or credit/debit card.

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