Grouping Line Items on a Proposal or Invoice

Grouping line items can be beneficial for many reasons. Maybe you want to organise your line items into folders by room, or you might be making a custom chair and need to group together the components of that chair so that your client only sees the chair and not its components. Whatever it may be, you can make it happen with groups.
Here's how:
1. Open the proposal or invoice and switch to Manage mode.

2. Select the items you want to group.
3. Select Click to Group Items

Once you've grouped the items, you can choose to add an image for the group. Check the details fo the items in the group and then click Save. 
Now you can decide what to show your client. This includes:

  • Should your client see all contents of the group or just the group itself?
  • Should they see the markup percent?
  • Should they be able to approve each individual line item?

You cannot add items to an existing group. You would need to first delete the group (it ungroups the line items) and then re-group with all of the line items you want to include in the group. To do this, enter Manage mode on the invoice/proposal and then you should see the groups and each group should say "Edit" on it. 

If you click "Edit" on the group, you'll get a pop-up window to edit the group. You can then click "Delete Group."

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