How to Create Custom Reports

Custom reports in Houzz Pro allow you to create report views based on popular filters you use. By saving your own custom reports, you and your team can quickly and efficiently access key information in exactly the format you need.

Custom Report Step-by-Step Guide

1. To access reports, click on the Company icon in the left navigation and select Financial Reports under the Business Overview section.

2. Click View Report to open up the relevant report that you want to customise.

3. Adjust your filters and columns to show all the key information you would like to show in your report. Once finalised, click Save Report View, then Save Preset As.

4. Name your new report and click Save.

5. Your saved report is now accessible from the main Financial Reports page under the relevant report type. Click Selected Filters to quickly see which information each report includes. 

Team members with Financial Reports permissions can also view them here.

Need to go back and make changes to a custom report you created? No problem. You can easily make changes by opening up the report, adjusting the filters and columns, and selecting Save Changes in the Save Report View dropdown.

Learn more about working with Financial Reports here.

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