How to Create Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders allow you to easily communicate with vendors about ordering the products, materials, and services you need to source, all while staying organised about each item’s progress and billing status.

Convert Estimates and Proposals into Purchase Orders

Easily convert Estimate and Proposal line items into Purchase Orders — all the relevant product information is carried over seamlessly. Here's how:

1. Select the line items you want to include by checking them off and selecting More Actions > Create Purchase Order(s).

2. In the pop-up, select the correct vendor/supplier for any unassigned items and confirm the vendor/supplier for those items already grouped under a vendor/supplier.

3. Click Create Purchase Order

Note: All the selected items will be marked as "approved" on the original estimate/proposal if they weren't already.

If you created purchase orders for multiple vendors/suppliers, you will then be taken to the Purchase Order section of your project to view all of them.

If you only created a single purchase order for one vendor/supplier, you will be sent directly to it.

Create a Purchase Order From Scratch

To create a purchase order from scratch, either click the Create Purchase Order from the Purchase Order section of any project, or from the All Purchase Orders page under your Finance section.

Select a Vendor/Supplier

Next, you will be prompted to select a vendor/supplier for the new purchase order. Search vendors by name or select from your list of vendors/suppliers. This will auto-populate their shipping and billing information, but you can also add a custom shipping address or edit any existing billing and shipping information directly on the new purchase order.

Click Create to start adding items and editing the purchase order.

Fully Customise Your Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are fully customisable, so you can edit any piece of information, whether that’s adding custom columns, editing the shipping information, setting up scheduled payments, or more.

Edit General Details

To edit the general details of the document, including Document Info, Company Info, Vendor/Supplier Info and Shipping Info, you can click directly into any section to make changes, or you can click the pencil icon in the top right to open all details in one window.

Set Payment Terms and Billing Dates

You have full control over payment terms, billed date, due date and date created. Click into each one at the top of the document to set the terms or date.

Add Items

To add items to your purchase order, click the From Library Button on the right to access Project Items (chair icon) and your Product Library (light icon). Click on any item to add it direct to the purchase order. From there you can click into any column and adjust the information, such as quantity or cost.

Track Line Item Order Status

You can track both the status of individual line items or of the Purchase Order as a whole. In the Order Status column, simply select the relevant status for each item from the drop-down. Or you can select the order status for the entire Purchase Order from the drop-down at the top of the document, and this will change all line items to this order status — you can still update individual items’ statuses after.

Designers: these order statuses per line item will be reflected in the Project Tracker. If you make changes to the order status from the Project Tracker, it will also update on the Purchase Order, and vice versa.

Preview Files with a Click

Just click on any attached file to preview it instantly. In a click, easily rename, download, or remove a file.

Approve, Mark as Billed, Download and Send Purchase Orders

In addition to previewing and sending your Purchase Order from the top toolbar, you can also use the Actions menu to Approve it, Mark as Billed, Duplicate & Edit, Download it and more.

Stay on Track with Your Finances

Your Purchase Orders will be factored into your Outgoing Transactions Report so you can stay on top of all your money coming in and going out.

Designers: If you are synced with Xero, your billed Purchase Orders will automatically sync over once they are sent to a vendor/supplier or when you manually sync them.

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