How to Handle Refunds in Houzz Pro

You cannot issue refunds directly in Houzz Pro. To refund a client you will need to return the funds outside of the platform in the method that works best for you and the client. However, you still need to ensure the proper steps are taken to account for any refunds correctly within Houzz Pro.

1. Create a credit for the product or service that is being refunded. See How to Create and Apply Retainers and Credits for detailed steps. Don't forget to Issue the document in order for the credit to appear in your Retainers & Credits section.

2. Once the credit is created within Houzz Pro, locate it in the Retainers & Credits section found in the left-hand menu on project overview page. Click the Credit tab at the top of the page.

3. Next to the credit you are refunding, click Issue Refund on the far right.

4. Click Confirm on the pop-up. This does not send any funds back to the client, it is only for record-keeping purposes.

5. Switch to the Refunds tab at the top of the page and you will now see a record of your refund, including payment reference, amount and date.

6. Return the funds to the client outside of the Houzz Pro platform via your preferred method.

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