How to Set Up GST for Your Projects

In your Houzz Pro settings, you can create and save tax rates to be used as needed in your projects. Since we typically only use one tax rate in Australia and New Zealand – GST – you will only need to set this up as a tax rate once to be able to apply it to all of your projects.

To start:

  • Go into your Houzz Pro Settings. You can find your settings by selecting the Settings gear icon in your left-hand navigation.
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, click on Business Documents.
  • Under Business Document Setup at the top of the page, select Accounting. 
  • You can determine whether your documents include GST in their prices already (inclusive) or have GST added on (exclusive). Changing this setting will affect all documents across Houzz Pro.
  • Click Add GST to add a new rate.
  • Give the rate a name, e.g. Standard, and % rate.
  • Click Save. Once you save the new rate, you’ll be able to start using it in your estimates or proposals.
  • You can mark a rate as default by clicking the three dots on the right
Set GST Rates for Estimates/Proposals

Each line item on your estimate has a GST column. The default GST setting will be the rate you selected as such in your settings. You can adjust the GST column as needed from the dropdown. 

To make changes, click the arrow in the GST column for the desired line item and a dropdown will appear. Choose the type of GST rate that applies to the item.

Once you’ve set the GST correctly for your line items, you can see the total calculation at the bottom of your document. This may look different if your document is set to show prices inclusive or exclusive of GST.

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