How to View Your Project Finances

With Project Finances on Houzz Pro, you can clearly see how each of your projects is performing financially.

The dashboards give you a deeper look into your business’ income and expenses for a particular project. You can see upcoming and past payments to understand your cash flow, and easily make any necessary adjustments.

Accessing project finance overviews

To access your project financial dashboards, open a project and on the overview page you’ll see a tile called Financial Overview with a summary of your project finances, including cash flow, incoming payments and outgoing payments, along with a forecast for each one.

Accessing the full financial overview

The Full View of your financial overview includes basic details like cash flow, incoming payments and outgoing payments, but also provides more specific data including uninvoiced expenses, hourly breakdowns and more. The Full View is for Ultimate and Essential pros. To upgrade your plan, see our pricing page.

To access a project's full financial overview, click the Full View button in the upper right of the Financial Overview tile, or click on the Financial Overview section within the project menu on the left.

On the Full View, you'll see a more detailed breakdown of the project's finances, as well as messaging reminding you of any overdue payments or expenses.

By default, unissued documents do not appear in your financial dashboards, but you can toggle on the "Include unissued documents" button in the upper right to include these. 

Granting or denying team access to project finances

Your project finances will be available only to team members who have access to the Project Financial Overview. To grant or deny access to a team member, follow these steps:

  • Click on Team Members under the Company icon in the left navigation
  • Click Edit next to the team member whom you wish to adjust permissions for
  • Select or deselect the checkbox next to Project Financial Overview in the Projects section
  • Click Save Changes

Learn more about setting team permissions in this article.

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