How to Add an Additional Address for a PO

By default, the ship-to address for a project is the project/client's address, and you can set this default ship-to address when in the "Edit Project" mode of your project. If there are other addresses you need to have items shipped to regularly (e.g. receiver warehouse, workshop, your office), you need to save those addresses in the Shipping Addresses page in your account settings. After you do that, those additional addresses will be options you can select from for the "ship-to:" field on purchase orders.

Here's how to access the Shipping Addresses page in your account settings:

Step 1: In the Settings menu in the left navigation, click on Business Documents, then select the Shipping Addresses tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click Add New Address, enter the required information, and click Save. Your additional shipping addresses will be stored here if/when you need to edit or delete them.

Step 3: You will now be able to choose these Company Addresses on your purchases orders by using the Ship To dropdown menu while in edit mode.

How Do I Add an Additional Project Address?

If you want to add an additional shipping address specific to a project, like a client's temporary rental, there are two spots where you can do so.

Option 1: From within the project overview page, click the Edit Project icon under the project name in the top left. Under the Addresses section click Add Additional Address. Check the box next to "Use as shipping address" if you want shipments sent here by default. You will see this new address as an option in the Ship To menu under Project Addresses in your POs.

Option 2: Within a PO, open the Ship To menu and select Add New Address at the bottom. Enter the relevant details, click Save, and the new address will now appear in the dropdown under Project Addresses.

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