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Brisbane, Queensland
Allan Phillips
Houzz Australia Contributor. I am a Lighting and Home Automation specialist with a fascination for the effect well designed mood lighting can have on a home. Ordinary spaces can be changed to intimate, romantic, cozy, and electric all at the press of a button. We live in an age where you can answer your doorbell from the other side of the planet, unlock the front door for your guest, turn off the alarm, light a path to the Kitchen/Living area, and turn on some music or a TV for them. All from the phone you are talking to them with. I am excited to provide this technology to my clients, and to open their eyes to the amazing difference designed lighting can have on any room. In the olden days of incandescent bulbs we were spoiled with lights that would gracefully dim to nothing, creating fascinating moods and ambiance in our homes. Now I am on a quest to find LED light fittings that can do the same.
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Online sales of dimmable light fittings in the form of Downlights, Panel Lights, and smart bulbs. All fittings have been tested with multiple dimmers and results are documented for each light type. We also offer news and how-to articles on all topics involving lighting for your home.

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All states of Australia

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