Element Building Supplies
Quality Bathroom Supplies at the Best Possible Prices Australian owned and operated, Element Building Supplies operates from our local office and warehouse in Lytton, (near the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane Airport) we are a local team of passionate bathroom renovation experts and supply and logistics experts. We work hard to secure high-quality bathroom products at the best prices delivered directly to the retail or distribution point for our clients. We have secured reliable and tested supply chains in the manufacturing center of Guang Zhou in China. But you don’t have to deal directly with them. We can do all that for you right here in Brisbane. As a Customer Service focused business our role is to source the best products at the best prices and arrange timely delivery. Then support that process with a guarantee and warranty service. You can shop direct from the factory but deal with a local. We can do this because Element Building Supplies is a subsidiary of a long-standing and highly successful manufacturing company here in Australia with production and manufacturing facilities both in Brisbane and in China. Over two decades of experience in developing supply chain logistics and delivering a diverse range of products, we are now leveraging that expertise to bring quality bathroom products at great prices to retailers across South East Qld.
Location:Lytton, Queensland 4178