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Take a few moments next time you come across a badly working sliding door and have a really good look at the track. Look at the ends of the track and you will see what it should look like and then follow it back and see the damaged flat spots, the dips and splits. It is this damage that will rip your rollers apart no matter how many times you pay to replace them. Only fixing the track can stop the ongoing maintenance costs from eating a hole in your pocket. We understand how you feel when things simply don’t work the way they should. If your patio sliding door is damaged to a point where simply changing the rollers is nothing short of a waste of time and money then fixing the track first will be the only long term solution. Paul G. Smith has been in the building industry for over 40 years! Nothing has him more focused than the issue of worn-out sliding doors degrading the value of property and leaving people feeling frustrated. Something really needed to be done and Paul determined to beat this problem for once and for all.
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