Piano Time
"At Piano Time we specialise in The manufacture, distribution and retail of Wertheim pianos The distribution and sale of Blüthner pianos, Piano Disc and silent piano systems. The sale of quality new acoustic and digital pianos. We have pianos to suit every level of piano playing from the beginner to the concert artist. The sale of pre-loved (second hand ) pianos including brands such as Wertheim, Blüthner, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha and Kawai. Music education for all ages. If you are looking for a piano tuner that will care for your piano please contact us on 03 96905566 to assist in arranging your piano tuning. We have a nationwide network of qualified piano technicians that we will be able to refer you to. Alternatively you can email us at info@pianotime.com.au letting us know which city or suburb your piano is located in and we can then advise you of a piano technician in your area. "
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Location:Melbourne, Victoria 3205