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We'll get on like a 'well designed house' if:
* You believe that your house should be a beautiful, comforting sanctuary for you and your family
* You want to invite people over to your home but you'd like to feel more proud of it before you do (maybe you even want them to be a little bit envious of your excellent style and taste)
* You love great design and you have a pretty good idea of what you like, maybe you're even definite about what you don't like
* You want to get much better use out of the space that your house has
* You've been meaning to get that problem area of the house - or maybe even the whole house - sorted out for a long but just can't figure out what's best
* You love the bones of your house and want to 'dress' it up to look its best
* You like the idea that your house can be made to look as individual as you are with all the stylish quirks and features of your personality
* You're willing to see where your design comfort zone could be pushed

Areas Served

Certifications and Awards
Interior Design Diploma, Rhodec International
Contact: Rachel Elizabeth Davidson-Foster
Location: Colchester, Essex CO7 7NZ
United Kingdom
Typical Job Costs: GBP 50 - GBP 5,000
Consultation visits from £50 per room. Inspiration-Boards from £100 per room. Project Management & product sourcing from £675 per room.
Commented: Help! Window treatment ideas!! I would be very tempted to use Plantation Shutters to provide flexible privacy and light ingress. To reduce cost, I would be very tempted to leave the top three windows clear of any dress (although pe...
in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Need some ideas for my ktichen walls please Picture would be lovely :) but I'd take a punt at a dark, charcoal-grey colour or possibly even matching the tiles and taking the red up the walls too? Failing that a warm wood colour maybe (what is y...
in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Colour suggestion for Bedroom Wall I think you've got to take the bubbling wallpaper off the wall. That done, i would like to suggest that you go with a grey as the contrasting colour to the pink. The darker the better to create a cosy...
in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Lounge Go with a deep red that has orange tones within it if your brown sofa is more of a 'tan' brown or a deep red that has blue tones within it if your brown sofa is more of a 'chestnut' brown... Wonder wh...
in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Curtain colour against dark blue walls? You don't say much about how you want the room to feel (other than to continue being cosy presumably). So with just the photo to base it on I would like you to consider taking inspiration from the lov...
in Design Dilemma  
Commented: Front door ideas please! Great suggestions from everyone else; light oak with silver door furniture would definitely look good and be a tonal look with the stone as mentioned. Stick with white framing to tie into to rest of h...
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