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Spotless Mattress Cleaning - Mattress Stain Removal Service is one of the most important cleaning procedures around the house. Many people would not be aware of the fact that their mattress is actually one of the major house pollutants, especially older mattresses. Given the nature and make of older mattresses, they tend to accumulate dust, pollen, bacteria, mould, fungi and a whole range of other irritants and pollutants which could eventually prove unsafe. Over a period of time, everyday use of the mattress leaves skin residue in the form of millions of dead cells, which take place to be a substantial part of the visible house dust found around the room. The accumulation of dead skin cells over time will inevitably lead to the forming of dust mites, a colony of tiny insect invaders that can cause many health problems including skin rashes and other external irritations. Using our all-natural patented cleaning system, our Mattress Steam/Dry Cleaners Melbourne technicians will be able to identify any possible issues before they start their work during a routine mattress pre-inspection. Do you require a mattress cleaning service in Melbourne? Book here or call 1800 092 119 for a free quotation from one of our friendly customer service team.
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