Bathroom Products

It can be challenging to breathe new life into the bland, white-on-white box that is many bathrooms. But, fear not! Changes big and small can transform any washroom. Look out for freestanding baths, shower screens, bathroom tiles and vanity units. Small bathroom ideas range from shower curtains to new bathroom mirrors and trendy shower heads. It's possible to create a warmer, inviting space, as many creative designers and homeowners have shown. Even inexpensive bath mats and towels can make your dreary room sparkle.

Beyond the vanities and tiles: Accessories for your baths and toilets

Aside from showers, baths, toilets and vanity units, it’s the accessories that make a bathroom truly exclusive to your tastes. Use small and inexpensive pieces like a tissue box here or a soap tray and dispenser there, to create unique design variations. If your bathroom’s big enough, throw in some luxury with a makeup mirror or an armchair for lounging. Other ideas could be monochromatic bath towels, mats and curtains.

Get creative with bathroom materials

If your bathroom’s tiles, benchtops and fixtures are bordering on neutral, use them as the backdrop for something bold. How about a splash of green? Or rain showerheads set within a sandstone shower cubicle? Multicoloured mosaic walls or floors make for interesting (non-slippery) surfaces as well. From textured stone to colourful artwork, use your imagination and create a bathroom that refreshes and relaxes you.

Go for the bathroom redesign you’ve always wanted.

If accessories and materials for smaller fixtures don’t quite cut it, consider a revamp with new vanity units, bathroom tiles or baths. Now is when you check out all those pedestal baths, double sinks and walk-in showers you’ve always wanted. Think of updating outdated showerheads (multiple nozzles, handheld showerheads, spray jet nozzles - the sky’s the limit!) and sinks with new splashbacks to boot.

Or make minor changes to your bath design.

If a renovation doesn’t fit the budget, freshen up your bathroom by simply changing wall colours, towels and shower curtains. Quick and easy changes to bathroom design can include updated towel racks, independent vanity units, cabinet hardware, mixers, lighting, and bathroom mirrors.