Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are central to your bathroom design, and choosing one is just as much about functionality as it is form. From traditional washstands to floating wall-mounted vanities, there is no shortage of styles and flexible storage options to choose from, but that doesn’t make honing down on your choices easy. Before you start browsing vanities online, take into account how you use your bathroom, then ask yourself the following questions.

What design is right for my bathroom?

Vanities are often the focal point in bathrooms, so choosing a style that suits your overall design vision is crucial. But while they should look good, they also need to suit the way you live. Wall-hung vanities are popular designs because they can vastly improve the sense of space in small bathrooms and are easy to mop under and around. Their clean, streamlined aesthetic suit most contemporary bathrooms. Vanity cabinets are another popular choice and provide ample storage for families, as well as plenty of bench space. They can, however, feel bulky and impose the overall design. For something more traditional, consider repurposing an antique dresser or table stand, taking into account the height and amount of bench space available. Vanity tops, mirrors and cabinetry can complement your design and finish off your ensemble.

How important is storage?

If you have a large family, store and apply your makeup in the bathroom, or have a large collection of toiletries, storage will be an important factor in your choice of bathroom vanity. For wall-hung vanities, storage is dependant on the design, with many homeowners opting for one section of closed cabinetry or open shelving beneath to create a clean and streamlined look. An alternative is a freestanding vanity, which isn’t attached to the wall, but can have open shelving in lieu of closed cabinets. Pedestal sinks don’t offer any storage, and would need to be paired with a recessed medicine cabinet or some floating shelves. If bathroom storage isn’t a priority, and you seek a minimalist design, you can forgo cabinetry entirely and opt for a wall-mounted benchtop instead.

Do I need more than one basin?

If your family share a large bathroom, a double vanity could be your saving grace – no more pushing and shoving as the kids fight for the basin. Couples, too, can benefit from a double vanity, especially if starting their day at the same time. Your options include matching twin basins or an oversized, trough-style basin with two (even three!) faucets. Just remember that you’ll have to sacrifice bench space for an extra basin, so weigh up what’s more important. While not usually suited to small bathrooms, a face-to-face vanity can save you space, and can even maximise an unused area.