Bedroom Products

Your bedroom can be your one true haven and if you usually neglect it, it’s time to shape up. This is when you can unleash your full individuality. You can select the bedding, the bedside tables, bed head, wardrobes and bedside tables; from bedside lamps to shoe racks, and nightstands - the fun is in the details. But as you move from bed frame to bedding, all the choices before you might seem daunting.

We’re here to tell you that bedroom design and renovations can be a walk in the park with the right information, and access to the best bedroom products. Here's a quick starter guide on how to best revamp your bedroom - without losing your mind!

Timeless bedroom furniture: Always the best bet

Bedroom furniture is about you, and only you. Avoid seasonal trends (they won’t last long!) and stay away from old-fashioned pieces bought without attention to your personal tastes. This especially rules out hand-me-down bed frames, bed heads and bedside tables. Bedroom furniture that caters to your specific, individual tastes, is always the best way to put together your room. Consider standard sizes and styles like platform or fourposter beds, wingback bed heads or armchairs and solid wood chests of drawers, wardrobes, benches and day beds.

If it's kids bedroom furniture you’re after, then kids beds designs (and space savers) like bunk beds, trundle beds and loft beds open up your options.

Bedroom accessories to dress up your space

Bedroom accessories can be as fun, quirky, quaint or delightful as you’d like them to be. Cushions, curtains, and rugs will give you that extra bit of awesome. Choose them with colour, accents and decor in mind. Instantly transform your bedroom with bedding; simply update your doona, pillows or doona cover, and you’ve got a beautiful new space to call your own.

Small bedroom furniture for extra detail

Personalise your bedroom with some smaller pieces like a makeup dresser and stool, a bedroom bench, or a chaise lounge by a large window. Bring in a hint of romance with upholstered ottomans, day beds and armchairs; or a corner chair to stash away bags and jumpers. Small furniture would also include any extra storage like a three drawer chest of drawer or a shelving unit.

Bedroom lighting: From chandeliers to mood lights

Where there’s talk of accessories, bedroom lighting can’t be too far behind. A classic floor lamp or a stunning chandelier will give you a bedroom you’re not likely to leave in a hurry. It’s important to use the right amount - and kind - of lighting, nothing kills good decor faster than a case of bad lighting. Placing table lamps on nightstands is often the go-to option, but wall sconces with soft lighting are a great alternative. Other bedroom additions can be fans to suit your light fixtures and furniture.

Browse through bedroom products on Houzz and as you save one interesting piece after the other to your Ideabooks, your future bedroom will begin to come together. Happy searching!