Beds & Bedheads

Choosing the right bed to complete your bedroom furniture ensemble is easier than it sounds. Browse through beds online and you will find you are drawn to the same style that you prefer in overall home design. Focus on bedroom size - something especially significant in the shrinking Australian and New Zealand home. Smaller city pads usually sacrifice bedroom space, making your choice of bed frame designs limited at best. So if you’re in the market for beds for your rental, or exploring larger queen, double, full or king size beds for your first home, then it’s a good idea to start with checking which standard bed sizes you’re after.

Once you’ve picked the bed size, your next stop is the right material and finish for the bed frame and bed head (also known as a headboard).

Different Beds for Different Bedrooms

If you aren't replacing the mattresses, your new beds will have to be of the same sizes. Upgrading from a single, double or queen bed size to a much larger king size bed warrants accurate bedroom measurements to see if you have the space. If your preferred bed has a bed head or frame that extends past the mattress and incorporates bedside tables, be sure to keep that in mind. For kids bedroom furniture, a twin or toddler bed is ideal, though they will eventually upgrade to a twin, queen or double bed size. When it comes to a guest bedroom, a clever choice is to pick storage or platform beds in queen or double bed sizes.

Because kids' bedrooms often lack space, trundle, loft or bunk beds are popular space-saving options. They work great for a shared bedroom and come in handy during child sleepovers as well. When it comes to your guest bedroom, be sure the piece is big enough to accommodate a couple, but add a futon or day bed to fit more than two. If you only have an office to work with, try installing a wall bed, which pulls down from the wall when needed, but is otherwise out of the way. And if all else fails, a pull-out sofa bed always does the job!

Matching the Bed Frame to the Bed head

Bed heads don’t usually get the attention they deserve, even though they’re pretty essential to your bed frame’s overall design and comfort. You definitely don’t want a bed head that shakes, rattles and rolls every time you make the tiniest of moves or a bed head that kills the sophisticated lighting and bedding you’ve recently purchased. Bed heads tie the bedroom together. Matching it all - bed frame with mattress, quilt and bedding - is a matter of taste. Match a classic romantic four-poster bed with a luxurious upholstered bed head, or match that functional storage bed with a bed head that houses a neat hidden book shelf at the back. Whether you make it trendy, contemporary, or a mix and match of modern with rustic, your bed makes a statement. Be sure to deliberate and arrive at a bed and bed head combination that works for your style bedroom suite.

Finally, How Much Does a Good Bed and Bed Head Combination Cost?

Even if you are a bargain hunter, this is one purchase where you shouldn't count your pennies. A bed's quality (or lack thereof) can make or break your ability to sleep, since a cheap bed set is more likely to creak, groan and move when weight is applied. Think high-quality and durable first and foremost, and then consider the style. If you love a traditional, timeless look, a sleigh, four-poster or canopy bed is a great option; for a cost-efficient option, try an ornate wood bed head with a standard frame. If you're on the cutting edge, opt for an upholstered bed head with nailhead accents, patterned fabric, unique shape or tufted design. A modern platform bed is great too, especially since you won't need to buy a foundation or box spring.