Coffee Tables

Coffee tables store books, magazines, drinks, food, and even the naughty pair of feet every so often. They are also a spot for you to gather around on games night, or somewhere the kids can do their homework. Taking up prime real estate in your living room, they will garner lots of attention, but shouldn’t cause any obstruction, either. Choosing the right style and size is crucial. Follow this guide to help you select the right coffee table for your needs.

What size coffee table should I buy?

This will largely depend on the size of your living room, and existing furniture. When planning your layout, allow for enough room to move about the space comfortably. The placement of your coffee table should allow for you to easily reach out and place a drink down on its surface, without getting up from your seat. In larger areas that consist of multiple chairs or lounges, this may not be necessary for all seating. Measure out the space you have and allow for at least 60 centimetres from the edge of the table to surrounding furniture. In terms of height, coffee tables should also be similar to surrounding seating – 45 centimetres is the average.

What material will best suit my needs?

First think about how you want to use your table. If it’s to be able to put your feet up every now and then, look for something upholstered. If it’s purely about practicality – to place items such as drinks and food – a glass top coffee table is a better option, especially if you’re in a small space and don’t want anything too visually imposing. However, it will show up fingerprints. Metal bases are also a good choice if you want to keep the room feeling open and spacious. A marble coffee table adds a touch of sophistication, while a solid timber coffee table can help to create a cosy vibe.

What other design features should I consider?

If you want to keep the surface free of clutter, consider a coffee table with storage underneath. This may, however, require you invest in something more bulky, and is not always ideal in small spaces where you want to create the illusion of more space. A nest of tables is a popular choice in small living rooms, as they can be grouped together or pulled apart when surface space is needed elsewhere. Round coffee tables aid in circulation, especially where there is lots of seating, whereas square and rectangular tables help to create symmetry. Other options include extendable and lips or surfaces.