Dressers, Wardrobes & Chests of Drawers

Dressers or chest of drawers are essential additions to your bedroom suite; they satisfy any storage needs while enhancing your bedroom's style. The number of drawers and surface space of your dresser and chest of drawers depends entirely on how much stuff you routinely stash away. If your storage needs are minimal, one dresser might be enough, while other people might require two or three. Although your bedroom furniture is need-based, it's also determined by the space in your room. Before you go on a shopping spree and buy an entire five-piece dresser set, take the time to review these tips.

How many chests of drawers should I buy?

Even though you want to have plenty of space for clothing and accessories, you also want to be able to move around your bedroom. If you have a furniture set in mind, take measurements and map out where each piece will go; you should consider the opening and closing of cabinets and drawers as well. Typically, most bedrooms include a three drawer dresser and a six to eight-drawer chest, alongside two bedside tables with minimal storage.

What style dresser should I buy?

At many furniture stores, bedroom furniture comes in sets, which is a less expensive option that ensures a consistent style. If you dislike the overly co-ordinated look, you can always buy individual pieces, but try to avoid clashing wood stains or colours. For a contemporary look, try industrial pieces, which mix both metal and wood materials, or go all metal or mirrored. If you like traditional, try an ornate wood dresser or chest of drawers in darker wood stains, or find some unique antique or vintage pieces.

What’s the difference between a chest of drawers and a wardrobe?

In general, a chest is made up only of drawers and can be either wide or tall (known as a tallboy or a lowboy, respectively). A wardrobe is a tall furniture piece that includes drawers and a cupboard-like space or cabinet for hanging clothing. One might be better than another, depending on your needs.

Is your wardrobe too small to hang all your clothes? If so, then you probably need a dresser or chest of drawers for the extra clothing storage it provides. Do you fold most of your clothes? Then the ample drawer space a dresser or chest provides is a better option. Your room size might dictate your preferences too. If you lack floor space, a vertical wardrobe will take advantage of height. Additionally, a wardrobe may typically be built into the bedroom wall, leaving extra floorspace for other more custom bedroom furniture such as dressing tables and quirky dressers.