Floor Lamps

Floor lamps combine elegance, convenience and function to give any space a quick design upgrade. Use them to light up a dull corner, to create ambience in a living room, or when you need a decorative furniture piece to fill an empty space or add much-needed height to other furnishings. Floor lamps can also be used as task lighting, and work perfectly to illuminate the pages of a book as you read, with gooseneck designs enabling twisting and bending to specifically focus light on a task. Read on for more pointers when shopping for floor lamps online.

What style of floor lamp should I choose?

This will largely depend on the style of your room, and the main function you want your lamp to perform. A tripod floor lamp with timber legs and a fabric shade, for instance, would complement a contemporary interior nicely, but its large base may restrict it to decorative or accent lighting. An arc floor lamp with a steel frame, on the other hand, could sit behind a couch or dining table to provide stylish task lighting. For something more traditional, opt for a torchiere floor lamp, which directs light upwards and can help to create a sense of arrival at entranceways. When shopping for floor lamps online, don’t forget you can also swap out shades and light bulbs to create your desired effect.

How tall should a floor lamp be?

To access how tall a floor lamp should be, it’s important that you consider where and how bright the light will shine. Depending on its positioning, a floor lamp that is head height may direct too much light into people’s faces, for example. Or, it could be too small and reflect too much light onto something like your TV. Also consider how you want to use the light. If it is to function as a reading light, the lamp shouldn’t extend too far up, or it won’t be able to shine light where it is needed, whereas a floor lamp that is intended to light up a large space will need to be taller so it can evenly illuminate the room.

Where should I position a floor lamp?

The positioning of a floor lamp is just as important as the light itself. Keep in mind electrical outlets and the layout of your furniture, and ensure where you place your floor lamp doesn’t disrupt the flow of the room or cause a trip hazard. A tripod floor lamp, for example, has outwardly legs and can sometimes require just as much floor space as a side table. If you want to add light over a table or chair, but don’t want to hang anything from the ceiling, arc floor lamps are perfectly designed to reach out and over for the same effect. Position them in corners so people don’t bump their heads when getting in and out of their chairs. Smaller floor lamps can be placed along walls or the edges of furniture.