Flooring Products

Choosing which flooring and decking works best for your home is no small task. You have to select which indoor and outdoor floor tiles or floorboards are the best choice for your family - the wider the choice, the more confusing things get. Here are some quick pointers to help you make up your mind as you browse flooring options online.

Bamboo flooring versus timber flooring

While bamboo and timber flooring will both help you get those perfect wooden floors, a few differences remain. The first and most basic difference is that your bamboo floors come from bamboo grass, and the timber flooring is hardwood - harvested from trees.

The darker your bamboo floor, the more it’s been treated - making it softer than its original state. With timber flooring, the different colours and stains are usually a product of which wood (for instance: teak, walnut, and pine) you select.

How each material reacts to moisture is an important point to consider. Bamboo floors tend to be more damage-proof when it come to mould and mildew. Timber decking and flooring, on the other hand, needs to be protected against humidity and moisture.

Vinyl flooring versus laminate flooring

Similar to wooden floors, laminate and vinyl flooring have a few similarities and some basic differences. Both options are excellent for the DIY folks amongst us, as well as being budget-friendly ‘wood-like’ flooring and decking options.

Vinyl flooring may perform better than laminate when it comes to moisture resistance. However, laminate flooring is thicker and therefore more comfortable as an interior flooring choice. The one you choose will depend on how high self-installation, moisture-resistance and resale value are on your home design priority list.

More flooring options in carpet tiles and parquetry flooring

Carpet tiles are perfect if you prefer floor tiles with a soft underfoot that are also easy to change. Some prefer to cover existing concrete, laminate or wooden floors with carpet tiles. This involves preparing the existing flooring with plywood or hardboard, before you can start adding the carpeting.

Parquetry flooring is an exciting option if your home decor calls for a geometric wooden or tile mosaic finish. You can achieve this with timber, as well as with bamboo flooring. Parquet flooring is easy to clean - simply brush and mop as you would any other floor, and needs very little maintenance.

As you browse flooring options online, spend some time with outdoor floor tiles for your decking as well. Most Aussie homes feature seamless indoor-outdoor floor plans, making your choice of outdoor floor tiles just as important as the indoor floorboards.