Hardware Products

No home can ever be complete without a fair bit of hardware to keep it all together. You’ll need all the necessary nuts and bolts: from door handles, curtain rods, and kitchen taps to brackets for just about every piece of furniture, door, window and benchtop.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll have to buy along the way as you add finishing touches like a towel tail or kitchen tap to your home.

Door handles: Home hardware that works

Whether you prefer door handles or knobs, you’ve got to pick them to match your home decor. You can even take things to the bathroom with one seamless hardware style in towel rails and bathroom taps, and extend it to other brackets and door hardware as well.

Curtain rods: Dress up your doors and windows

Curtain rods must match your preferred style of door and window furnishings. For instance, if you’re more inclined toward a contemporary look, your options are nickel or stainless steel curtain rods; if you prefer a more rustic look, then you could opt for timber or wrought iron curtain rods.

Taps and mixers for the kitchen, bath, bathroom, shower (and bidet!)

Home hardware also includes taps and mixers of every possible kind. You'll need to choose hardware for your sink, basin, bath, shower and bidet to match the rest of the kitchen and bathroom decor. For instance, your shower mixer and towel rail will be in matching materials; as will your kitchen tap and sink mixer.

Most home designers prefer to use the same theme of mixers across the entire home. Others match home hardware according to theme and mood divisions in the house.