Home Decor Products

When your home needs an update, well-placed artwork, rugs, cushions and other home decor products can make all the difference. Forget rearranging the entire contents of your home – instead, create a new focal point, or embellish a lifeless zone with a statement vase or mirror. Simple home accessories can instantly make any room more dynamic, and are a great way to add your stamp to your home, too. So whether you’re moving into somewhere new, or want to hit refresh, browse the home decor products on Houzz for style ideas and inspiration.

Make the most of your walls.

In a room where floor space is limited, it’s important to make the most of your walls by using every inch for home decor. If yours are looking a little barren, spice them up with colourful artwork or picture frames from fun home design stores. Creating your own photo collage can add a personal touch to any room, while mirrors can give a small space an added boost. If storage is an issue, use wall shelves and stack them with fun trinkets or flowers. Don’t forget about the wall itself! Add some flavour with a colourful patterned wallpaper or go for a brightly painted accent wall.

Create a beautifully styled table.

Most homes have a coffee table, bedside table or dining table, which can be artfully decorated with the right home accessories. Try stacking a candle, trinket box or vase on top of some books, or use a tray to anchor the individual pieces together. What you choose to display, whether nautical, tribal or opulent, will say a lot about who you are. When styling a group of home accessories on top of a flat surface, use a mixture of objects in varying heights, shapes and textures, and stick to odd-numbers such as three or five. Just remember, you will need to allow room for people to use the table as it was intended: to stash a remote or rest a drink.

Add texture with materials.

If you’re running short on home decor ideas that will add depth to your scheme, look no further. Texture-rich home decor is the easiest way to add interest to a neutral colour palette, and create a cosy and inviting space. When shopping for home decor online, look for items that you would want to reach out and touch: silk curtains, woven baskets, shiny metals, and weathered timber frames. Contrasting textures will create a visual feast when colours are muted and patterns limited, and can even have a dramatic effect. Consider, for instance, a matt white wall enhanced with a soft-to-touch wall hanging, or the rough, natural fibres of a jute rug.

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