House Numbers

Personalised house numbers add an extra dash of style to your home, while ensuring that your house number is never missed. Whether you choose one that’s made to order or assemble it from a gallery of tiles and materials, matching these house signs to your home decor is always a great idea. Here are some points to consider as you browse house numbers online.

Installing house numbers to your home’s exterior

Most house numbers come pre-drilled and fitted - all you have to do is add the house signs to your door, letterbox, gate or fence. This means you can install it as soon as you get it in the mail.

Different types of house signs

Consider your home’s overall look and feel when choosing a house number sign. Match traditional with traditional or offset it with a sleek and contemporary style. House numbers can also be backlit or placed under a spotlight - adding extra charm to your home’s exterior.

Play around with colours, materials, textures, and lettering to arrive at a truly unique home address number. Your choices include polished granite, clear or frosted glass, acrylic, weather-resistant wood, aluminium, brass and wrought iron.

Place your house number sign where everyone can see it - on an exterior wall, the front door, a letterbox, or even a tree trunk. You could even add a backlight or spotlight to help your sign stand out even more. Apart from this, look at tile placement - horizontal, vertical or diagonal - as well as letters versus numerals. Short-list from our wide selection of house number styles, shapes and sizes to arrive at one that’s truly unique to your home.