Kids' Furniture

Bright, colourful and casual - kids bedroom furniture is always a bit more playful than any other furniture in your house. Bunk beds and bean bags, with a kids table and chairs set, make for a cheerful - yet functional - room that’s perfect for games as well as school work. Begin with the kids beds and make your way to a sturdy activity table that’ll see a lot of homework and craft work over the years.

Consider these quick tips before stocking up on kids furniture - cots and all:

Kids beds: Bunk beds, cots and trundle beds

Kids beds can be as fun and imaginative as you’d like them to be: clouds on the bed head, bunk beds shaped like a castle, trundle beds for sleepovers and vintage cots with hot air balloons.

Choose kids beds that are safe. For instance, bunk beds should ideally have railings, and any cots you pick should not have gaps of more than 10 cm between the side rails.

Kids furniture themes that everyone loves

The first step is to decide which theme you’re after, especially if your kids are too young to choose their own furniture like play table and bean bags. Some parents go for pieces that’ll transition smoothly into teenage bedroom furniture. Others prefer a completely wild experience for their little ones - pirate ship-styled bunk beds, crayon-shaped kids table and chairs sets, or maybe a kids couch with rainbows painted all over it.

Whether you choose to be adventurous or safe with your kids bedroom furniture, choosing vibrant colours is always a great idea.

Kids furniture: Fun and functional

There’s no reason for kids storage furniture (such as junior chests of drawers) to be boring and purely practical. Dress things up with attractive inspired designs to cover the cupboards, wardrobes, desks and chairs, and bean bags.

You could even experiment with any favourite cartoons splashed across the bunk beds and play table. Or interesting door knobs that look like Basketballs or boats.

Your child’s room will see a lot of ups and downs - from Kindergarten to teenage life - make her room the perfect combination of relaxation and fun!