Kitchen & Dining Furniture Products

From dining tables to kitchen stools or wooden chairs - kitchen and dining furniture can be as versatile, attractive and storage-friendly as you need it to be. But before you choose traditional dining sets of wooden chairs, large dining table, and buffets and sideboards, consider what your requirements really are. Here are some essentials that need careful consideration every time.

Home essentials: Dining tables and dining chairs

No matter how big or small your home is, there’s a dining table and chair that’s perfect for it. Whether it’s a small square or an extendable dining table that transforms from a four-seater to an eight-seater, you’ll always find something that combines comfort with function.

First, decide how many your dining table should seat. Next, use the preferred table’s dimensions to gauge how wide and deep your dining chairs should be. Cafe tables are usually an excellent choice for small city apartments, as are dining room chairs with low backs.

As you browse more furniture online, you’ll also need to make the right choices with dining chair covers, tableware, and kitchen and dining storage.

Functional space-savers: Kitchen trolley and island

Different kitchen island options suit different budgets and spaces. A particularly large one can further enhance an already-big kitchen, while a small one can supplement storage while offering a multi-functional benchtop for chopping and cleaning.

A kitchen trolley, while offering similar benefits of storage and extra surfaces, is also portable - which makes it the perfect addition for indoor-outdoor spaces and small kitchens. Creative kitchen trolley uses include portable bars, bbq stations and snack carriers. Pair these with more kitchen and dining furniture like a corner pedestal table, buffets and sideboards.

Matching style with dining sets includes choosing complementary materials (for instance: cane dining chairs to match a bamboo backdrop), and designs (farmhouse dining table options to match your rustic decor). Be sure to browse enough kitchen and dining sets to find the best possible options out there!