Kitchen Appliances

A blender for Sunday smoothies, a food processor for your favourite salsas, and steamers for healthy salads - kitchen appliances were never this exciting - or specialised! Browse through these quick ideas before you decide which dishwasher or fridge to buy next.

Coffee machines to kickstart the day

Every breakfast bar must make room for coffee machines to suit your caffeine needs. The easiest ones use coffee capsules, although dedicated coffee drinkers prefer espresso coffee machines that let them choose coffee strength. If you like grinding and blending your own coffee beans and flavours, then you can choose from a variety of end-to-end coffee machines - all available at reasonable prices.

However, your very own gourmet coffee comes at a price - there’s a lot more cleaning involved in these coffee machines. You’ll have to clean and re-fill the grinder, suffer the loud noise and sacrifice prime benchtop real estate. Pick a small one, and you’ll have room for some steamers too!

A good quality blender and food processor

Ideally placed right next to your chop-and-wash station, a blender and food processor can add serious miles to your kitchen’s potential. Other kitchen mixers can also help with baking and roasting, and are great for marinades, cake batters and cookie doughs.

Most food processor options integrate blender and juicer functions. Things to check for quality in your blender or processor - bowl size (does it match the volumes you blend regularly?), blades (are they suited to the different functions you use the most?), and controls (are they intuitive and easy to reach?).

First, check kitchen mixers for size; if you mix dough quite often, you’ll need a big bowl with a fixed blade. Handheld kitchen mixers are great for occasional mixing as well as smaller volumes.

Kitchen staples: The fridge and dishwasher

Since the fridge, oven, cooktop and dishwasher take up a fair bit of space, you could try matching their style to your home’s decor. For instance, a white fridge and dishwasher combination would look great in a mostly white kitchen.

Other kitchen appliances include freestanding ovens and steamers. You can also opt for the odd electric grill or two to whip up weekday steaks in a hurry. If your kitchen is more of a fixed appliances zone, rangehoods with built-in ovens will trump over freestanding ovens. The choices are nearly endless. The best way to determine which kitchen appliances best suit you is to know which steps you follow to convert fresh produce into cooked meals. You might discover new appliances that you didn’t even know existed!