Every home needs a letterbox, so why not make yours a truly stylish one? While it’s primary purpose is to secure your mail, a letterbox that looks good too will only boost your home’s street cred. Most people tend to choose a letterbox that blends in with their home’s exterior, while others want theirs’ to stand out. Browse this page to find a range of letterboxes including freestanding and mounted, and use the guide below to help find your perfect match.

What types of letterboxes are available?

When looking for letterboxes online, consider the aesthetic you’re after, and how much mail you’re likely to receive. The following letterbox designs are the most common.

Fence mounted: The most popular style, fence-mounted letterboxes, can be mounted onto any type of fence, whether timber, brick or concrete, and usually have a rear viewing compartment. You can customise yours to blend in with its surroundings or help it stand out with letterbox numbers or letters.

Wall mounted: Wall-mounted mailboxes are typically installed near a door or on a wall. If installed by the entrance to your home, mail can either be collected as you walk in the front door, or can be accessed via a front opening, usually with a lock and key. This style typically blends in with your home’s exterior.

Freestanding: A freestanding mailbox doesn’t require any poles or posts to be set into the ground. The most versatile option, you can find a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes that are all very customisable – all of which can be positioned wherever you please. You’ll find this style common on large properties where the entrance to the home is a distance from the street.