Lighting Products

Lighting at home is a necessity but, used correctly, can also enhance the design of your home. There are generally three types of lighting – general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, is intended to provide full illumination throughout a space, and tends to take the form of ceiling lights, recessed or track lights, wall sconces or floor and table lamps. Task lighting, on the other hand, lights up a particular area, such as a kitchen benchtop, so you can perform tasks safely and efficiently. And finally, accent lighting is used to draw attention to special features in and around the home, such as artwork, and often takes the form of recessed or track lighting.

In addition to the general types of lighting, there is also an endless choice of light fixtures, so narrow your search by ensuring you know what you want your lighting to do first. Think about the space you want to illuminate and how you use it – do you read books in the living room, or entertain guests, for example? In this case, a low-wattage floor lamp beside the couch or dimmable wall sconces for ambience would fit the bill. What type of fixture you use, whether it’s a chandelier or pendant light or table lamp, will come next. Read on for more on popular lighting, such as LED lights, pendant lights and downlights.

LED lights

Long-lasting, energy-efficient and reliable for instant, steady light, LED lights have become the bulb of choice when using ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps. If there’s one downside, it’s that white light LED bulbs can emit a cold and clinical light in comparison to halogen or incandescent bulbs. A lampshade can help to filter and alleviate the light quality of an LED bulb when used for ceiling lights, while recessed lighting is also effective at absorbing some of the harshness of LED strip lights and bulbs.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a popular contemporary design choice and enable form and function in one. There are many different styles, including drum pendants and globe pendants, making it easy to find one that suits your decor, and can be suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod. Pendant lights work particularly well hung low over dining tables, offering illumination that’s pleasant without being too bright (the holy grail of dining lighting). Choose a simple and stunning statement pendant light in copper, metal or glass or cluster several complementary pendants together at varying heights. Pendant lighting can also be a fantastically practical and attractive option for hanging above a kitchen island – an adjustable height pendant lamp will ensure you can prepare food with ease.


Downlights keep a low profile, making them an ideal choice for small spaces or homes that want to maintain the focus on structural elements. Recessed into the ceiling, they won’t overcrowd or impede a space, and can be used in virtually any room, no matter what the style. Their streamlined look allow you to work any decor around them, and enable you to redecorate as often as you like, without having to swap out your light fixtures. Downlights are also flexible in terms of functionality. They can be used around the edge of a room, directed at a feature or distributed evenly overhead.


When it comes to adding opulence and drama to a room, chandeliers take the cake. The style has evolved from the traditional crystal version to include chic, contemporary and even whimsical designs. As well as making a statement, a chandelier is also excellent for casting even light, making it a great choice for ceiling lights if you want a well-lit room. Why not consider hanging your chandelier from a hook in the ceiling? This will allow you to adjust its height for varying degrees of drama and practicality.

Table and floor lamps

Serving both practical and decorative functions in the home, table and floor lamps offer the perfect finishing touch to any room’s lighting design, and can either be used as the sole lighting source in the room or as an addition to ceiling or wall lights. They offer versatility in every aspect – they can be moved around if required, and lampshades can be changed to match updates to your interior decor. Tall lamps benefit from larger shades for balance – oversized drum shades work especially well on slim bases – and tapered shapes go well with ornate, traditional bases. While translucent lampshades are best for lighting and illumination, if your lamp is being used as an accent piece, in addition to ceiling lights or wall lights, consider trying an opaque shade for drama and contrast.