Living Room Products

A living room is about more than just furniture and hardware - it’s where people get together to share and unwind. Everyone in your home owns this space and therefore, it must serve many purposes - from a living room ideal for entertaining to a living room perfect for lounging in front of the TV. The good news is that for every need, there exists a product you can buy. You’ll find sofas, armchairs, console tables, bookcases, and media units to match any living room decor. And don’t stop there. If you have room, the right coffee table, floor lamp, ottoman or rug can be the crowing glory of a living room well designed.

Multi-functional living room furniture

Living room furniture packs in a bigger punch when it serves more than one purpose. Double-duty pieces such as sofa beds, day beds, ottomans with storage or a storage upholstered bench are all excellent options for a young couple in a small apartment as well as a growing family.

Leave no stone unturned: Use the entire living room layout

Traditional living room layouts call for a central sofa or couch with a coffee table, surrounded by armchairs and side tables. Area rugs mark this focal seating space and the room’s corners are usually left untouched. Instead of wasting this space, create individual nooks; for instance, a chaise lounge with a floor lamp and side table is the perfect place for any readers in your family. Other ideas include gaming corners with a small computer table, gaming console and separate media unit; and a bar area with a small fridge, bar cabinet and the goods.

Built-in living room fixtures

Built-in cabinets, shelves and entertainment centres keep inevitable clutter at bay. If you’re sick of loose wires, cables, and adapters, then a built-in TV cabinet with pockets to accommodate everything is just what you need. Whether you buy ready-made entertainment centres or get one custom-made, you’re guaranteed an organised living room - free of chaos. Go one step further and include a bookcase or a sideboard too.

Living room ideas for extra seating

Holidays call for extra seating and a living room that can offer it becomes everyone’s favourite hangout. Space-efficient options include small ottomans, cubes, floor cushions and stools. Mix things up with some storage-friendly benches and you’ve got extra seating as well as extra storage. Apart from the basic sofa bed or couch and armchairs, these additional seating options will add so much more to your evenings with friends and family. And if you’re throwing one for the entire neighbourhood, then bank on some folding chairs - great for seating and excellent to stack and store.

Spice things up with decorative accessories

Once you have the essentials, the small pieces and the extras, it’s time to accessorise. Colourful cushions, shiny candle holders, trendy trays and vintage lanterns make your living room more unique. Other ideas include picture frames, rugs, curtains and wall art to spice things up even more.

Choose what’s best for your living room by matching furniture and accessories to your style and needs. If you arrive at a living room that lets you put your feet up one evening and throw a big party the next - you’ve done your job well.