Bedside Tables

Bedside tables store odds and ends that are used on a regular basis – reading glasses, mobile phones, watches – anchor the look of a room, and add symmetry. Functional and decorative, they should reflect your nightly slumber routine, and complement the style and finish of your bedroom furniture. Whether you’re in the market for mirrored bedside tables or compact white bedside tables, there’s something for you on Houzz. Read on for tips to help you choose the perfect bedside tables for your bedroom.

What size should bedside tables be?

The height of your bedside table is ultimately a matter of preference, but something that is of similar height to your mattress is usually the most practical option. Something too small or tall will not only look awkward, but will be uncomfortable to use, too. In terms of width, choose something that complements your bed size. If you have a king-size bed, for example, opt for something relatively wide, otherwise your bedside tables may look dwarfed. Also take into account how big the room is. Small bedrooms will be best suited to narrow, streamlined designs, while a large room will need bigger furniture so as to not look vacant.

What if I don’t have room for bedside tables?

Don’t worry, even the slightest bit of bedside space can go a long way. Many bedside table designs cater to small-space living, and are made to fit in tight spaces. Try freestanding or floating bedside tables, which won’t take up any floor space; or, look for bedheads and frames with built-in storage. Also, purchase one bedside table instead of two, and use the other side of your bed, or any remaining space, for something like a chest of drawers, which will provide more surface space.

Should I choose something with storage?

Bedside tables means different things to different people. They might be purely decorative, be used to display objects, or keep clutter at bay. If you like keeping sentimental objects like framed pictures and travel mementos by your side, you’ll need to factor this into the design. As such, having objects on display means you’ll have less room for odds and ends. Some bedside tables come with one, two or three drawers, cabinets or open shelves. Consider your sleeping routine when narrowing down your options. If you’re the type of person who likes to fall asleep with a book and have everything in reach, for instance, some built-in drawers will help to keep your surfaces clear, and are still easy to reach. If you love the elegance of a simple table but fear you’ll end up with a bedside mess, you can always place a storage basket underneath.

If you have trouble choosing, an interior stylist can help. And if you can't find what you were after, consider hiring a cabinet maker who can create a piece tailored to your needs and design preference.